For Employers

"Customers will never love a company
until the employees love it first." - Simon Sinek

As the face of your company, your employees are your most valuable asset. When you list your openings on Wellness at Work you'll find qualified applicants who are passionate about health and wellness, and gain team members who are committed to your company. When your employees care deeply about they do on a daily basis, your business will thrive! To start attracting applicants who are aligned with your mission, post a job here.

We work with high vibe companies that have health and wellness incorporated in their core mission. Want to make sure your company is a good fit before creating an employee profile? Contact us here.

What sets us apart?

- A niche focus and curated selection of wellness employers & jobs

- A unique community in each city where we operate, both in-person and online

- A focus on social media, where your job posts will be promoted

- Affordable job posts, accessible to companies of all sizes

- The option to purchase a yearly membership for unlimited job posts

Additional services:

We're also thrilled to offer content creation and social media strategy + management services to businesses within in the wellness industry. We'll work with you to develop a customized strategy and build a digital presence that sets you apart. For more information and package options, email us here.