Balans Wellness Studio

redefining health, beauty and wellness

Since opened in 2010 balans wellness studio has grown to become one of Boston’s most exclusive wellness centers. Most recently we expanded to Newbury Street with Balans Organic Spa, Boston’s first and only organic spa!

Marie Aspling, creator of balans, is poised to share her extensive knowledge in health and wellness, and in a way that has never been done before. Through Balans she shows what it truly means to support our health, from within. Balans is now considered a lifestyle, which is embraced by many loyal believers.

balans is for you

Gain awareness and let balans be your personal guide towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. At every visit, we meet you at your fullest potential and consider all the dimensions of health.

individual focus

We celebrate that each person is different. Functional health is multifaceted. Every body needs well-rounded and balanced care. We study your potential and needs and create highly individual programs–just for you.


We stand for quality and practice with health and environment at heart. We believe in supporting our body through organic food, healthy movement and free of toxic ingredients. In addition to offering the highest quality services, we care for our facilities with our own home made cleaning supplies, air fresheners and laundry detergents, all organic of course. We share recipes so that you can bring this to your home for a cleaner and healthier environment, just ask!


We live our values and practice what we preach. Our lifestyle serve to inspire you to care for yourself in the way that you deserve.