Healing Hands Bodywork


 was drawn to bodywork through an innate interest in the mind body connection, a sincere interest in helping others and as a means to reduce stress and find balance within my own life.

As a young man, I studied martial arts, Buddhism, and then later in life - massage techniques, bodywork and yoga.  After following a traditional career path for nearly 30 years, I began dedicating part of my life to exploring alternatives to the daily grind, connecting with people and helping them reduce stress in their daily lives. 

It was after discovering Lomi Lomi during my travels that I fell under her spell. 

Of all the types of massage and body work I have received, I was touched by Lomi and Kahuna bodywork at its core.  This restorative technique provides the receiver – and  the giver as  well – an incredible feeling of relaxation and well-being. It flows like a dance between the two parties, a give and take of positive energy flowing back and forth.

I have trained as a Certified Kahuna Bodyworker under Mr. Robert Gantke, one of the pre-eminent practitioners of Kahuna bodywork and Lomi Lomi in the world today.  Robert learned Kahuna Bodywork at IIima Margareta Kappl, who learned it from Kahu Abraham Kawai'i.

Kahu Abraham Kawai'i († 2004) was one of the first Kahunas (guardians of knowledge and wisdom), who taught the temple-style Lomi bodywork functions to non-Hawaiians.  This profound and original way of Lomi Lomi he called Kahuna Bodywork.  Margareta Kappl (Munich) was authorized by him to carry this work. Robert Gantke (Dortmund), in turn, was authorized. And thus so was I, by Robert.

From Lomi there comes a deep release, which causes an opening on all levels of being. On the basis of the knowledge of the unity of body and mind, this bodywork has developed over centuries in Hawaii. To let Aloha (Universal Love) and Ho'oponopono (balance, forgiveness) to felt by touch – that is Lomi Lomi.

I believe that stress reduction is a key to health and wellness and that regular bodywork and relaxation therapy is a perfect modality for creating balance and generating well-being.  Through caring connections with my clients I create a zone of trust and comfort, which forms the foundation for a profound relaxation experience.