Velocity Sports Performance

Velocity helps you improve human performance. By giving you unique access to world class expertise, elite facilities, and innovative technology from the world of elite sport, we help you find individual solutions that let you push your body and mind to new levels and remove the limits holding you back.


Bringing Elite Training to Every Athlete

Twenty years ago, behind the locked gates of team practice fields and the closed doors of Olympic training centers, athletes were learning how to be faster. They were getting an edge, but the training methods weren’t something everyone had access to.

When world-class track coach Loren Seagrave founded Velocity, we broke open the doors and gave athletes of all levels entry into elite training facilities with access to these elite speed training and coaching techniques. Any athlete, if they were willing to put in the work, could benefit and improve their speed.

Velocity Sports Performance helped change the sporting world. Over a million athletes have been trained, from 8 to 80 years old. Thousands of coaches across the globe were taught new movement training techniques. Strength & conditioning programs evolved from being just about weight training, to building better athletes.

Global Performance Innovation

Today, as a global company, we continue to follow our passion of improving performance. Its about more than just speed though, we support the world’s best with training, rehab, injury prevention, regeneration, nutrition, mindset and sports science.Under the guidance of internationally renown High Performance Director Ken Vick, professional athletes from every major sport, in 9 Olympic Games, 20 1st Round NFL Draft picks, and national team athletes from 17 countries in 24 different sports, have all been supported by Velocity.

Continued innovation, our multi-disciplinary expertise, and a track record of results led the Chinese Olympic Committee, one of the worlds top performing nations in the medal count, to rely on Velocity to help prepare their athletes and national teams for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Beyond Just Sports

Elite sports are the arena where we have forged our systems, helping individuals and organizations. What we have witnessed over the last 2 decades is that what we do goes beyond just sports. We know that the effort, focus and struggles build not only physical strength, but mental and emotional as well. The training process not only supports sports performance, but overall human performance.

The pursuit of your best performance isn’t limited to elite athletes. We know what’s on the line for military, law enforcement and emergency responders.

Entrepreneurs and executives strive day and night to be at their best, building companies and careers.  Individuals from all walks of life are engaged in fitness and lifelong sports activities and want the most from the experience.

It’s about their mindset and a way to approach human performance. What we do everyday is helping build stronger people, stronger organizations, and stronger communities. We strive to positively impact thousands of lives everyday.