Booty by Brabants

We believe that every woman should find comfort, confidence and style in their favorite pair of leggings. Boston is our home but our inspiration is drawn from the vibrant culture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the birthplace of samba, sunshine, and every product we make. At Booty by Brabants, we’re here to break any rule that states leggings aren’t pants because they are, and ours are much more than that.  We’ve created a built to last, one-size-fits-most clothing line that unites comfort and confidence while empowering women to feel sexy from the street, to the gym to the dance floor. Our creator Kelly Brabants is a fitness mogul and the brand’s principal designer; with her undeniable eye for forecasting fashion trends, Kelly's passion is in creating fashion-forward fitness and street style looks with one versatile wardrobe piece that women can shape their entire outfit around.