Jet Set Co.

Jet Set is a travel, natural beauty and wellness brand.

What does that mean exactly? We live in a time where fast food and fast fashion comes at the cost of harming our bodies and our environment. An unregulated and demanding cosmetic industry gives companies the incentive to create products with questionable and unpronounceable ingredients all for the sake of profit. 

The Smartphone addiction epidemic, a perceived lack of time, mixed alongside living life on a hamster wheel has created a toxic lifestyle.  Frankly, it can all be a bit too much.

Jet Set was created to help people create happier, healthier lifestyles.  We're pushing for knowledge, wanderlust, cleaner living and products crafted with real quality. 

 We strive to provide content to help people live healthier lives and fill our shop with some of the best crafters in the business. We have a ZERO tolerance policy to questionable ingredients, unethical business and environmental practices, and opt for craft over economy.  Our customers never have to worry about the ingredients list, harmful chemicals, questionable business practices or product sourcing -ever.  

 Let the revolution begin.