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Work from a place of passion

We started Wellness at Work to help job seekers find work that's meaningful. When you find a job that aligns with your values, you'll be inspired to bring your best to work everyday. When you believe in the work you're doing and coming from a place of passion, you'll be more powerful and more committed. This is a big reason that we allow employers to categorize by up to 3 different search terms. You can search by lifestyle terms like "vegan" and "gluten free."

If you're vegan then it's likely that you're passionate about a plant based diet, animal rights, and the health of the environment. By filtering by the term "vegan" you'll find vegan companies with current openings -- like Nectar & Green (cold pressed almond milk), Vegan Warrior Academy, and more.

Similarly, if you have celiac disease, searching by the term "gluten free" will give you a list of brands. Companies that make gluten free products are like to be sensitive to celiac, as well as food allergies, and intolerances. Your co-workers, whether they're gluten free or not, will most likely by more attuned and empathetic. When you filter by term you're more likely to find a workplace with culture that's compatible with your lifestyle. 

There's nothing sadder than seeing someone in a job that they're not meant to do, and conversely, there's nothing more powerful than seeing someone in a job that makes them come alive! Our hope is that Wellness at Work can be a resource in your job search journey. Here's to doing work that fits our values!