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Where To Eat Healthy in Tulum

Tulum, Quintana Roo, in Mexico is a mecca for wellness. With white sand beaches, eco hotels, and plenty of healthy eateries, it's no surprise that the town has quickly become a wellness destination. It's an ideal place to relax and reset. 

Almost every hotel along the beach offers yoga classes, with stunning views of the sea. Additional offerings include sound healings, mud wrap treatments, massages, and more. We loved the classes at Sanara Hotel, in particular (Sanara means "you will heal" in Spanish). 

In addition to nourishing your soul, there are also plenty of healthy options to nourish your body. Guacamole every day? Yes, please! Many places offer fresh juices and smoothies, and vegan and vegetarian fare is easy to find. Tulum has plenty of restaurants to accommodate diets of all kinds. We're sharing some of our favorites below: 

The Real Coconut
Our favorite place for a special lunch or dinner out is The Real Coconut, located at the Sanara Hotel. Their cuisine is highly inventive and everything on the menu is dairy, gluten and grain free. It was so nice to kick back and not have to worry about food allergies! I loved the Coconut Quesadillas made with coconut flour tortillas and coconut cheese served with guacamole and pico de Gallo. Make sure to grab one of their fluffy brownies to-go as well!  

Burrito Amor
After a long day in the sun when you need something more filling, Burrito Amor is the place to visit. A more casual eatery in town, they offer absolutely delicious burrito options for vegans and meat eaters alike. We enjoyed our meals so much that we went here twice! I had the Vegan burrito made with nopal (cactus), chaya (Mexican spinach), black beans, avocado, pico de Gallo, and rice. You can also choose from a coconut flour tortilla (gluten-free) or their whole wheat tortilla. Burrito Amor also offers all-day breakfast with multiple scrambled egg options as well as vegan dishes like chia pudding, tapioca, and coconut yogurt. 

Raw Love Tulum
Going barefoot on sandy paths and relaxing in hammocks while you dine is a huge bonus of eating at Raw Love. The menu is fully vegan and is our top recommendation for a lunch stop in the middle of a beach day. We loved their lattes, and the fact that they have vegan options heavier than just smoothies. Sample lunch options include their Living Pizza with sprouted seed crust, Portobello Burger, and Raw Pad Thai. 

Matcha Mama Tulum
Matcha Mama, a sweet roadside tiki hut in the jungle is the perfect stop before or after the beach. With swing seats, hand painted tropical designs, and a surf board out front, it's hard to bypass. Grab a matcha latte (hot or iced), smoothie bowl, or a scoop of coconut milk ice cream. We enjoyed many smoothies throughout the week, and Matcha Mama had my all-time favorite - the "Papacito." It doesn't hurt that this spot is also an instagrammers dream! 

Buena Estrella
If you're down by the beach Matcha Mama and I-Scream Bar both have great offerings for vegan ice cream, but if you're closer to town, Buena Estrella is a must-visit. This mobile cart is located at the end of the bike path, heading into town (when you need a pick-me-up the most!) You can choose up to 3 flavors that they mix and freeze right in front of you. It doesn't get more artisanal than that! The process takes a while, but it's well worth the wait. We loved the combination of coconut, cacao, and mint. You can catch Buena Estrella most days from 1:30 PM - 7:30 PM. 

Have you been to Tulum? Where are some of your favorite spots for healthy eating?